Thursday, February 18, 2010

#2 Press Release Writting for Purple Trout Internship

Media Contact:
Andrew Shipp
Purple Trout, LLC

Scholarship 2.0
“The Next Generation Scholarship”

CINCINNATI, Ohio - November 10, 2009 - Purple Trout, LLC is excited to offer a scholarship for tri-state high school students. The goal of a scholarship is to utilize all forms of social media to enhance their school’s online presence. Students can work in teams of up to five (5) per school.

Students will have to set up at least a Facebook page and Twitter handle to be considered for competition. However, students are encouraged to use more forms of social media to increase their school’s online presence.

“I wanted to create a scholarship opportunity that tested the difficult skills universities seek in their students. Participating student will need to understand social networking sites, have a technological background, and exhibit strong writing skills. These skills combined with the aspect of interpersonal communication and group dynamics sets this competition apart from other scholarship opportunities”, said Steve Phillips, President of Purple Trout.

The winning students will each receive $1000 scholarships. The students’ school will also receive a seminar on social media from industry experts. The seminar will cover the importance of monitoring your personal Facebook profile and Twitter handle. Other social media outlets such as LinkedIn will be discussed.

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