Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm #HAPPO I Chose PR

Entering my second year of college I was your classic “not sure what I want to do in life” college student. I knew I was ready for something, but I needed to be nudged in the right direction. I was lucky enough to be at Northern Kentucky University at the time a new college was starting: The College of Informatics. I wasn’t sure what "Informatics" had to offer, but I did have the foresight to understand that there would probably be some interesting opportunities with a new college at a growing university.

I sat down with an assistant dean to discuss what this new college had to offer. As we went over majors, and talked about my interests, she brought up PR. She explained that you see PR everyday, but probably don't even know it. We discussed relationship building, delivering clear messages, crisis communication and other aspects of the field that NKU would emphasize to prepare me to be a public relations practitioner. After that, I was hooked!

My absolute favorite part about PR (what really makes me #HAPPO) is building relationships. This has never been more apparent than during the past 8 days. #HAPPO is a reason for all PR practitioners to give themselves an emphatic pat on the back! You would be hard pressed to find another profession that could start a Facebook group and in 8 days grow that group to 827 people! More than the number, #HAPPO participants interact and engage with one another. I personally posted on the Facebook group’s wall and was given a response within the hour. To everyone out there in the #HAPPO community ---Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am blown away by how awesome it is to see PR practitioners digging in and helping one another.

I am so #HAPPO I chose PR!

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