Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thank you for visiting my personal blog/website during #HAPPO.

Why you should hire me:

• I have multiple internship experiences that have prepared me to take the next step in my career.

• I have practical experience writing fresh content in various forms (press releases, articles, blog postings), managing client relations, working with upper-level management, and most forms of social media forms.

• I value the importance of being a student. In the Public Relations field it is vital to always be willing and eager to learn.

I hope you enjoy reading my cover letter below and I encourage you to visit my various links:

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Life is a never-ending, always entertaining journey. While I strongly agree with this, my own journey has given me many interesting experiences. Some good, some bad, however, all have been valuable. The path I have taken in life, both personal and professional, has equipped me with the tools and focus on innovation to become a valued member of your company.

I have always had a self-motivated passion to serve others. This quality was instilled in me from the very beginning through the efforts of my parents. As early as I can remember, I was a member of the “Shipp Puppeteers.” My family would visit lower income areas in the Greater Cincinnati area and put on puppet shows for children and senior citizens. We commonly visited community centers and nursing homes where my father had established relationships with community leaders and business owners. I was able to see how important relationship building was to the success of providing people with happiness. The value of relationship building has always been an important part of my life and has helped me in my professional career.

The true success of any public relations campaign is contingent upon the quality of relationships one builds. At the heart of a business-to-business relationship or business-to-consumer relationship, is the business-to-person relationship. In our day of extreme media, public relations practitioners are able to reach more people on a personal level. Sending messages with quality content to people, not consumers, is the most important aspect of public relations. This is done through the utilization of multiple touch points. Traditional resources, aided by social media tools, are essential to carrying out your mission, value, and goals. Having these touch points are good, but optimizing these outlets is what incurs dramatic change. My experience with the social media specialists at Purple Trout and public relations professionals at PB&J have given me the tools to affect change.

Thanks again for visiting my #HAPPO page,

Andrew D. Shipp

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